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Tjung, Here's your third book excerpt

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Tjung, Here's your third book excerpt
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Not Your Mother's Diet

Kathleen Fuller

Hello Tjung,

Welcome, I hope you are enjoying the excerpts from my book Not Your Mother's Diet. As I promised here is a tip that I suggest to almost everyone who has a struggle with motivation, follow through, over eating carbohydrates, and even sleep problems. Go to my website link below and then to the article link and read the article, The Best Kept Secret for Natural Weight Loss that Doctors Don't Know. This article will totally amaze you with its solution. Please forward this e-mail to all your friends, family and associates so they can be helped. Click on the link below (or cut and paste it into your browser) to view the third excerpt of my book.

Enjoy! Feel free to pass on to anyone who you think will benefit from this information.

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#1 Best Seller

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"Feeling Guilty, Out of Control &
Disgusted Even Frustrated About Your
Eating & Your Body?"
"For the first time ever a leading eating disorder expert, reveals how a tired, overweight and depressed woman used her new book, Not Your Mother's Diet to transform her eating, create the body she could love and rebuild a sensuous love life... All without dieting, drugs, or strenuous gym routines..."

How many times have you looked in the mirror and seen your mother staring back at you? Scary, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to go back 10 or 20 years when life seemed easier, to a time when your eating wasn’t out of control, when feeling guilty wasn’t a problem, having energy and waking up daily with a positive attitude for life was something you took for granted?

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on Dr. Fuller's articles, media room and private psychotherapy and hypnotherapy practice

Please share this one of a kind self help book with friends, family, and others...

What if there was a way you could drop 5 years, 10 years – even 20 years off your age, and be in the best state of mind ever?

That's the secret I'm going to share with you today. If you've been looking for a way to balance your weight, jumpstart your energy and reclaim a positive attitude, you'll love the book Not Your Mother's Diet. This book has the answer. You've probably read hundreds of advertisements for products that claim to solve these problems.

But none of them are like the program I'm going to tell you about now.

In fact, this revolutionary book called Not Your Mother's Diet combines the latest mind fitness techniques with the most innovative brain cure breakthroughs... bring you the double whammy you need to get your mind/body, your health and your enthusiasm back on track.

Studies show that mental fitness levels are the main factor to personal and professional success. The more mentally fit you are, the better you feel. That's logical, right?

But did you also know that the more mentally fit you are and the better you feel, the more others will be attracted to your vibe of confidence and good health?

It's true. Simply being mentally fit and healthy can help you:

* Overcome
* Gain control of your life
* Let go of frustrations
* Gain body image confidence & self esteem
* Exude well being
* Achieve higher social status
* Have more fun in your life

People who feel well, are happy and have confidence. They are less likely to experience:

* Depression
* Anxiety
* Stress & feeling tired
* Loneliness and empty feelings
* Boredom

Sound good so far? The problem is, after you turn 30, 35 and definitely 40,or beyond- you're doomed to suffer from "middle-age syndrome", especially if you've done nothing special to keep up with daily mental fitness.

Does this describe the way you are feeling right now?

* You are embarrassed by your body image?
* Your feeling guilty about your eating.
* You are accumulating fat despite trying to control your food?
* Your low self-esteem has cut into your social life (and your love life!)
* Your desire for making love has decreased sometimes dramatically. (Did you know that sexual activity declines from 3 times a week in your twenties to 1 per week in your late thirties? By 40, you have a 50% chance of having a problem getting an erection whenever you want, or a 45% chance of having intercourse difficulties due to vaginal dryness. But it doesn’t have to be this way!)
* You are tired. No... not just tired. You're exhausted. In fact, getting up off the couch is too much effort. You blame work, your spouse, or your children.
* You eat even when you're not really hungry especially at night and drink coffee, coke, or energy drinks for a temporary energy rush.
* You're sick much more often.
* When you look in the mirror, you look old. You don’t look like the 'you' you remember. In fact, you look more like your Mom!
* Every day, it seems more wrinkles are appearing. You consider plastic surgery, but you don’t have the energy to go through that. Or the money.
* Your posture and body language make you look older than you are.
* You know your bad eating habits are exposing you to killer diseases like heart attack, cancer, diabetes, and stroke. But you can’t seem to stop.

Would you be surprised to know how many people feel exactly like you?

They've tried diet and exercise to get on the right track, but despite their good intentions, they fail.


Why Following the Traditional "Diet and Exercise" Hype Can't Solve "Middle-Aged or Any-Aged Syndrome"

Your body resists any changes you apply.
I'll say it again: Your body resists any changes you apply.
You may not want to hear it. But it’s a fact.

Your body/mind prefers the equilibrium of its current comfort zone. In other words, your body likes the comfortable routine of being expected to perform under the same conditions every day…conditions like non-nutritious food, lack of exercise, and stress.

Your body/mind is an amazing machine that easily adapts to the habits you teach it. And when it gets comfortable with the way things are, it's not happy about changing.

Add to this the fact that the aging process itself enhances this natural resistance, and change becomes even more difficult.

Listen very closely.

You can spend a bundle on doctors, pills, injections, surgeries, slimming solutions, and fitness clubs...

You can try every fad diet...

You can exercise like crazy...

But it will do no good if you don’t know how to bypass your mind's limits, emotional obstacles and barriers.

This is the core secret of the book Not Your Mother's Diet. Learning how to be in control of your mind's limits, obstacles and barriers is the answer to an emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual health plus long life. It is being self-aware.

And I'm going to show you exactly how to get there. I'll teach you the truth about:

* Getting control of your eating
* Being free of food cravings
* how to get mentally fit at any age without the guilt feelings
* how to beat "middle-aged syndrome" faster than you’ve ever imagined
* how to become a confident, peaceful, sexy, and admired woman

Are you willing to spend the next 5-10 minutes to learn the magic?

Changing your mind is a science. Certain immutable laws govern transformation. Following these laws will help you to achieve your goals with mathematical certainty.

Here's just a small preview of the incredible miracle like techniques you'll learn:

* How to create a sculpted, toned, emotional body that attracts others and gives you that in control feeling
* How to reach out with energy, vitality, and focus for an amazing awareness not willpower to achieve your weight dreams!
* How to boost your self esteem & sex drive so you will enjoy longer sensuous passion in love making!
* How to get truly mentally fit and exceed your expectations in your eating or dieting!
* How to be mentally sharp and focused like a laser beam... acknowledged and recognized for your true self not what others think you should be!
* How to exude health, feel younger and look younger than your true age and attract others like a magnet with your radiant liveliness!

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The Past Is the Gateway to One's Future Dreams

Obese 8 yrs. Living Life Sideways

Seventeen Magazine Model & Anorexic at 18 yrs.

The Secrets of a Real Transformer

Bulimic 37 yrs

Cancer Cooking Classes Age 53 yrs

Finally Healthy Vibrant at 60 yrs
Dr. Kathleen Fuller
So Friends let me share with you,

I was an obese compulsive over eater as a child. But like you, I fought my weight for years, trying to look in my best. (I struggled with anorexia and bulimia for 33 years.)

When I reached 40, it became impossible to lose weight. I stayed on a restrictive diet but continued to have middle age spread. I decided to buy and manage a ranch while showing nationally & winning a National Dressage Championship. In secret I was an exercise bulimic.

The more I continued on this crazy path, the more my body resisted the change. At 43, I got serious about finding a solution. I read every self help book I could find. Nothing worked for me, but I learned important information from each book & program. I discovered their mistakes and corrected them to perfection. I went back to graduate school and then Interned in an Eating Disorder Hospital in Tampa, Florida. Then one day after starting my private practice, I had a breakthrough by combining my mental fitness and nutrition knowledge plus the cutting edge Brain Exercises!

The result of my endless quest? A revolutionary book that transforms you at any age or shape... quickly, safely, naturally and constantly. Best of all:

* the results last forever
* the concepts are scientifically proven
* the implementation is based on clinical trial and error

That's what makes my book Not your Mother's Diet so practical, doable and achievable. Over the next 17 years, I applied my increasing passion, enthusiasm, and excitement to become a leading eating expert in mind/body/spirit transformation.

Honestly, I didn't plan to be a mental health guru. I was just trying to help myself.

At 43, I was leading a very busy lifestyle as Horse Trainer, Freelance Writer, mother of teenagers, with a soon to be ex-husband with addiction problems, and going to graduate school. My life was very demanding of my time and my energy, so I knew that, for any solution to work for me, it had to be easy to implement and maintain.

Because of the high sensitivity I've had since birth as many do with an eating disorder or an addictive nature. It took me time to rebuild my life and to experiment on myself to find answers. As more and more people noticed the dramatic changes in my body, energy, posture, behavior, and confidence, they began to ask for my help. The word spread locally and I was busy in my practice. To put it bluntly, I know what works and what doesn't. I’ve discovered what others want to know, and now I am happy to share my findings with anyone willing to put in a bit of time and effort to learn the secrets and truly make amazing changes in their life.

Now I want to help you.

These secrets worked for me like magic, with a minimal investment of time. Do you wonder how many hours I must exercise to continue looking so fit? Some guess 2 hours per day. Honestly, I don’t have the time for that and I bet, you don't either. So that would not be a very practical program, would it?

The shocking truth is... my mental fitness program requires 15 minutes every day in the mornings, my body fitness requires 4 hours per week, averaging 30 minutes per day. I'm sure you can find 30 minutes a day to achieve an incredibly young, sexy, body and mind, can't you?

Look. There are lots of mental fitness gurus out there. But how many transformed themselves after 40 or 50 or 60?

How many of them are average women like you and like I was, not professional mental health or fitness experts?

Wouldn't you rather learn from somebody that changed at the age of 43? Someone who knows the struggles you face in your daily life and understands that you want to achieve results without putting long hours into doing mental or physical exercises day-in and day-out?

Let me show you how it's done.

Unleash Your Body's Mysterious Ability to Communicate Energy Through Conscious and Subconscious Cues

Did you ever check out someone across a room, before you were even introduced? Everyone does this, sometimes subconsciously. We receive 'nonverbal' cues from people based on the way they walk and move, their facial expressions, their eyes and smile, just to name a few.

But did you ever feel very comfortable or very uncomfortable when seeing a stranger across a room? Some call this a 'vibe', but it's really a kind of 'energy communication'. Energy communication is exchanged between people with no mind involvement at all. Your body/mind's shape indirectly affects your energy communication. As you become more comfortable with your body, your confidence increases. Increased self confidence leads to respect, appreciation, recognition, and acknowledgment by friends, colleagues, family, and yes, even your spouse or significant other. As people sense how much you like and value yourself, they feel the same way about you.

When you look, feel and display health, well-being, confidence and a love of life, others will naturally want to be around you.

Changing yourself mentally rewards you endlessly in every social aspect of your life. Don’t wait! Change yourself mentally and change your life.

A Powerful Mind Resides in Learning Control

"95% of fad diets fail."

So says Julie Garden-Robinson, nutrition specialist at North Dakota State University. She continues, "Put another way, only about 5% of dieters are able to maintain a significant weight loss."

To change your eating you must change your mind first.

Have you ever heard the expression, "Fake it 'til you make it"? You might wonder how someone could do that. But when you understand the mind, it's easier to understand.

Your mind is made up of both the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind is the rational, thinking part. The subconscious mind records every event, thought, emotion, and feeling you have ever had or will ever experience. The subconscious produces dreams and contributes to your habits and behaviors.

Did you know you can be taught how to program your subconscious mind to easily change undesired patterns in your life? The trick is in “convincing” your subconscious mind that the change has already happened. Then your behavior "automatically" changes toward the desired behavior.

This is the essence of "fake it 'til you make it". If you can convince your mind something has already occurred then, to put it simply, it will occur. This useful 'trick' is used by professional athletes and Olympians the world over. They are taught how to imagine victory. Programming the mind to 'see' the victory before it occurs has brought home the gold medal for many.

In just a few minutes, you can access a Mind Motivators that will teach you how to reprogram your mind for incredible success, opening a virtual gateway to achieving any change you wish to apply in your life.

Get the Mind Motivators Now in Dr. Fuller's Book.

"You Can Be Free of Negative Thinking Habits and Feel Freedom for the First Time in Your Life."

With Dr. Fuller's Book, the best compliments of your life are just a few weeks away.

It hurts to hear it.

The truth is, diets don’t work.

But you already know that, don’t you?

Just look around! How many of your friends have changed their body permanently with diet alone? Probably none, zero, zilch, nada!

Last month, 1.3 million people searched the Internet for "weight loss" and 0.7 million people searched for "diet" in just one search engine, Yahoo! Combine that with all of the other search engines and the number climbs rapidly to over 10 million searches last month alone for weight loss and diet!

Shocking when you consider only 5% of all dieters succeed in keeping off the weight.

Think about it. Would you start a new treatment, investment, business, or relationship with only a 5% chance of success? I'll bet you wouldn't.

What Holds You Back?

Homeostasis. That's right. Because of homeostasis, starvation diets are nothing but a waste of time. The more you try not to eat, the more your body tries desperately to hold on to the fat you have for 'emergencies.'

Simply put, diets FAIL.

Restricting calories while dieting could actually cause you to gain weight in the long run!

Amazing! Isn't it?

Why Do Diets Destroy Your Mind/Body/Spirit and Make You Age Faster?

Another reason diets fail is because diets actually accelerate aging. You may not hear this from many of the other health and fitness gurus out there. They're worried about scaring you.

But I know you are listening to this today because you're sick of the struggle and you want the truth.

Here's what happens when you diet:

The average person loses 65% fat and 35% muscle. Go off the diet, and you gain 80% fat and 20% muscle.

When all is said and done... you're flabbier and older.

You lose muscle when you're aging and you lose muscle when you're dieting.

There you have it. Dieting accelerates aging.

Maybe you say "OK, Dr. Fuller. I Get It.

So How Can I Get Off the Weight Roller Coaster?"

Stop dieting. That's right. The only way to change your body forever is to stop dieting.

Throw away your scale and begin pay more attention to your "body composition". What's body composition? Body composition is the ratio of “body fat" to total "body mass".

Your goal is to gain muscle to offset your aging process. Gaining muscle increases metabolic rate and enhances fat burning. That eliminates the roller coaster effect of dieting and makes you look great forever.

The Washington Post reported on June 13, 2005, that a team of researchers from the United States and Britain, led by Dr. Tim Spector of St. Thomas Hospital in London, had produced the first direct evidence that fat accelerates aging.

Undoubtedly, if you want to reverse your age, you need to burn fat.

What's the safest way to do that? Eat the right foods. In Dr. Fuller's book she recommends eating for your body type with foods that accelerate your fat loss in a much safer and more enjoyable way. Manipulate your own body's homeostasis and stop the vicious cycle of dieting and fat storing by nourishing your body with the high quality foods it needs to help you age gracefully... beautifully... healthily... strong.

In just a few weeks, you'll be absolutely astonished at how your body/mind feels and the changes begin to accelerate.

Envision yourself in front of your mirror, and you can for the first time accept your own body. You put the positive thoughts in your mind, and now you're being rewarded with the incredible results: a sleek, toned, fit mind that just a short time ago you were afraid to even imagine.

You simply won't believe it's you! How do we know? That's what other successful graduates of Dr. Fuller’s program in Not Your Mother’s Diet- The CURE for your EATING ISSUES get excited about.
Love your body and others will love your body as well.

Start losing the mental guilt & frustration immediately.

Boost Your Sex Life to Heart-Pumping New Levels!

Studies show that testosterone declines as men reach their forties. Women too, see a decline in estrogen as they reach their fifties.

So, why do sexual activities decline significantly in the thirties?

Too stressed? Too busy? Don’t accept these excuses. It’s about your physique and your health.

If you feel fat from eating too much or unattractive, you just don’t feel sexy.

Remember, the body and mind are intertwined. Feeling uncomfortable about your body image diminishes your sexual desire. Change your body/mind and win back your libido. As your body changes, hormones are jumpstarted and your passion opens up naturally.

Imagine yourself enjoying making sensuous love more often, no matter how old you are. Imagine spicing up your life with the passionate mental attitudes and experience the pleasure of long loving nights. The secret is not a supplement or a pill. The secret is nutrition and mental/ physical exercise--nutrition that increases nitric oxide and exercise that boosts Growth Hormone (HGH). Plus nature’s own hormones. This is how to really change your love life.

Start your sexual & healing journey right now.

Double, Triple Your Energy

Fatigue is not just a result of hard work, a demanding job or watching too many TV shows. You are not tired just because you don’t get enough sleep.

You're not running out of energy because you're aging either.

You're aging because you're running out of energy.

"Armed and Dangerous" free radicals run amok in your bloodstream and they are stealing your energy. Free radicals are atoms or molecules where at least one electron is unpaired. This causes instability, causing the electrons to be very reactive. They bond easily with healthy molecules, damaging your body and speeding up aging.

Your most common free radical is the oxygen radical. When free radicals are formed, they reduce the ability of your "cellular power plants" to produce energy.

Free radicals gradually shut down your "power plants" like turning off a dimmer switch.

* The decline in energy drops your metabolic rate...
* You accumulate fat...
* You lose muscle mass, bone mass and facial collagen...
* You are tired even when you have overslept...
* You eat more and more for energy or to numb depressed feelings but that doesn't work
* Your glands don't have energy to produce hormones
* Your sex-drive drops
* You age faster

Now visualize yourself starting the day packed with energy. Everyone sees the vitality on your face. You're so productive at work that every task takes half of the time. You're alert, sharp and ready for action all day long without drinking even one cup of coffee.

You're full of vigor, endurance and stamina. You look young and feel younger because you’ve fought free radicals and boosted energy production in your cells. A combination of nutrition, supplements and exercise has sent your energy to new heights of self empowerment, like putting a brand new heart in a not-so-new body.

Boost your energy production to peak condition right.

Get Mentally Fit As an Athlete in Less Than 16 Minutes a Day

Imagine you're losing emotional weight, achieving weight balance and achieving your mental fitness goals. What's the single most important secret that creates the WOW effect everywhere you go? Being mentally fit makes the difference. Mental fitness is your magic button to receiving non-stop vibs. compliments from everyone.

Being mentally fit makes a huge difference between just looking good and looking great. You look younger, and you feel younger. You slow down your aging forward and you reverse your aging backward. It’s just awesome.

The most exciting news about mental fitness is you don’t follow the old school of just reading about it. Yes, that's right! You’ve been taught that you can succeed by reading the latest diet book, right?

I've got news for you. There are more effective and efficient ways to get mentally and physically fit.

You probably don’t have hours to spend on the treadmill "burning" the calories you eat. Long cardio training doesn't improve your heart capability because it's low intensity. You lose muscle. And it’s boring!

Fuller's Not Your Mother's Diet uses cutting edge techniques will make you mentally fit as any athlete in less than 16 minutes per day! With Fuller's gentle exercise secrets you transform your body to a 24/7 fat burning machine, burning fat while you sleep!

But that's not all. Studies demonstrate that innovative fitness techniques boost your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) level and the secretion of the hormones testosterone and estrogen. Maintaining healthy levels of HGH through Fuller's fitness technique can:

* Reverses muscle loss and gain new muscle
* Restores your bone mass and avoid osteoporosis
* Increases metabolic rate and burns fat non-stop
* Improves lung capacity and efficiency
* Strengthens your heart
* Amplifies endurance and stamina

Be More Healthy Than You Have Ever Been Before

Of course, everyone would agree it's wonderful to be mentally fit, to feel mentally strong and to look good. But there's one big benefit that goes beyond the vanity of simply looking good.

It's your health. No insurance policy in the world can bring you the lasting benefits of good health, and Dr. Kathleen Fuller's book Not Your Mother’s Diet Program can have an enormous positive effects on your health.

Here’s how:

* You reduce the frequency of illnesses to minimum and skip most of the colds and flu viruses. Your immune system strengthens significantly.
* You lower the risk of killer diseases like heart attack, cancer, diabetes and stroke
* You extend your longevity and reduce the chances of degenerative diseases and dependency on geriatric health care
* You stop suffering back pain
* You balance your blood pressure because you flex your stiffening arteries
* You lower your cholesterol and triglycerides
* You elevate your hormone levels to slow your aging, improve your health and your love life

Even the wealthiest individuals who have ever walked the earth agree that, if you don't have your health or you mental health, you have anything. Poor mental or poor physical health makes life miserable. You can't enjoy your friends, family or regular activities. Your life is one endless round of doctor visits, while your finances are quickly drained purchasing medicine and paying hospital bills.

That's no way to live.

And there's no reason to live that way.

Illness is a by-product of poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle choices and a lack of exercise. These are often because of poor mental health. Your body/mind wants to be healthy. And it will respond to your commands to be healthier if you will only take those first few steps.

Don't wait any more. Start now on your journey to renewed health in a new brand body/mind & spirit.

How to Really Change Your Body and Your Life

Here are the highlights of the Not Your Mother's Diet

* "Not Your Mother's Diet" is the only book & program of its kind in the world...the only holistic approach that connects mind/body with spirit for ultimate eating & life change. You will achieve tremendous results in the shortest time possible.
* You get 100% alternative brain cure techniques at its best – no potentially unsafe Hormone Replacement Therapies (HRT) and no miracle pills. All recommended supplements are mainstream, from proven sources. You must give a try to the supplemental program that Dr. Fuller recommends. You can get amazing results with inexpensive supplements that you can buy on line, so don’t be fooled by other programs that try to sell you fancy pills you don’t even need.
* You can succeed in this progressive program in any shape and any age. The program consists of 2 levels of progress based on the strategies of "Weight Balance Success" – Spirit, Mind/Body Fitness. Think of it like a 2 wheel bike. Each one of the wheels adjusts to the surface and the road conditions. Take one wheel out and the bike will fall. The same happens if you drop one of the 2 levels of "Not Your Mother's Diet." Each level is necessary for your success.
* Each one of the 2 levels will absolutely fit your needs. And no previous experience is needed. You'll get impressive results just by following the 2 levels of the program. Remember the truth that your body/mind/spirit is unique and not all programs fit your body type. Cancel yourself fast from any program that offers one solution for all. It's not for you. Discover your body type and customize your nutrition plan to your body’s needs.
* Balance to your ideal weight without dieting. You'll never be hungry again for a single moment. Find out eating secrets that you’ve never heard before. Eat as much as you want of the right food as many times as you want. Abundance of food is the only way to manipulate your body resistance to lose fat.
* It's simple and easy! Not Your Mother's Diet is a very practical program; straight to the point, brief, and easy to follow. You won't find hard-to-understand explanations designed to impress you as you might find in other books.
* Expect fast results. Get fast results. The program is very effective. If you follow the program you'll see substantial changes in a short time.
* Your time is valuable. This program was designed for busy woman in all walks of life that have very limited time for mental fitness. But you may have so much fun that you'll work longer than needed! The mental workouts are pleasurable because of the endorphins and pheromones that flood your bloodstream.
* Discover how to increase your hormone levels naturally & safely. You won't need Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), injections or prescription medicines. Studies prove that a special natural supplement can increase growth hormone (HGH) significantly, spicing up your lifestyle and love-life. Feel loved, desired and sensuous as your body/mind changes day after day.
* Master the -mind-motivators to achieve every change you want in your life. These secrets will help you change your body, eat in a balanced way with no guilt, or achieve any other life change. The most successful people have used similair techniques as described in Napoleon Hill's book ("Think and Grow Rich"). This is the first time ever these principles have been applied to health, body and mind as motivators. Wouldn’t you love to achieve self-control, confidence, and peace of mind even before your total transformation has been completed?

Attain Your Best Ever

Get ready to receive nonstop admiring glances everywhere! Don't procrastinate. Act now! As the saying goes, "You’re not getting any younger."

Get Dr. Fuller's book right now by signing up for her email

1. Prizes –win a year’s free therapy by phone
2. Win a Bahama Cruise for 2
3. Receive bonus gifts of entire books from bestselling authors,
4. and more.

How Much Is All This Worth to YOU?

You're probably wondering how much the Not Your Mother's Diet Book Program costs.Considering all of the value and benefits presented, and given that one session with a psychotherapist can cost upwards of $150, you might expect this exceptional program to cost $1800 or even more. I have a great surprise for you. This program doesn’t cost you $1800.00 or even $800.00.

Let's take another quick look at the content and value of this extraordinary, life-changing program:

#1 Best Seller

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